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Melanie Rud

13 Napkins That Will Make a Statement On Any Dinner Table (1)

Melanie Rud

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Updated on Aug 03, 2020

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There’s no denying that when it comes to place settings, it’s the plates, cutlery, and drinkware that typically get the most attention. But let’s not forget about the humble napkin and the impact it can make. Sure, you need one for utilitarian purposes, but this is also the place to further express your sense of style. It’s an opportunity to play with both fabric and pattern, not to mention the perfect way to add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral set-up. No matter whether you’re looking for casual cotton or more luxurious linen, an everyday option or special occasion splurge, these napkins offer a little something for every table and dining occasion.

Here, the best napkins available online.

Cultiver Linen Table Napkins

13 Napkins That Will Make a Statement On Any Dinner Table (2)

These napkins may be simple, but they’re far from basic. Made from 100% linen woven from European flax, they can easily read as casual or more formal, while a contemporary border around the entire perimeter adds visual interest. Soft yet durable, they can be both machine-washed and dried (always a good feature when it comes to table linens). Iron them for fancier occasions or embrace any natural wrinkling to channel an organic and relaxed aesthetic. Bonus points for the wide array of 14 hues available, ranging from neutral whites and grays to subdued pinks and blues, plus three-striped options, too.

Sur La Table Vintage Lace Napkins

13 Napkins That Will Make a Statement On Any Dinner Table (3)

Feminine and vintage, these are reminiscent of something you’d find in your grandmother’s attic, in the best way possible. The square, 20 x 20-inch napkins come in a crisp white with subtle lace detailing. As an added win, they’re much more durable than actual lace—they can go straight in the washing machine. (Just make sure to wash on cold in order to avoid the potential for unwanted shrinkage.) We see them adorning a table set out for a girls’ lunch or brunch.

(Video) Learn How to Set a Formal Dinner Table

Williams Sonoma Classic Cotton Chambray Napkins

13 Napkins That Will Make a Statement On Any Dinner Table (4)

These may be neutral, but don’t mistake their versatility for lack of style. The yarn-dyed, 100 percent cotton napkins (a Williams Sonoma exclusive) are woven in a chambray pattern and subtle charcoal color that’s a universal safe choice to pair with any type of table setting or dinnerware. Mitered corners give them a finished look, and those who seek out sustainable textiles will appreciate that they’re certified by the Better Cotton Initiative. A global non-profit, the designation indicates that the cotton used is holistically and sustainably produced.

Farmhouse Pottery Agrarian Striped Linen Napkins

13 Napkins That Will Make a Statement On Any Dinner Table (5)

Going for any kind of farmhouse feel in your kitchen? Pick up these stunners. A neutral-yet-noteworthy pairing of a beige base and sky blue striping feels rustic yet elegant. (Fun fact: The brand calls this particular blue hue Araucana blue, named after one of the few chickens that lay eggs this color.)

The textured linen further adds to the relaxed feel, though we could easily see this decorating even a more modern table. Just note that these napkins need to be hand washed and line dried.

What is Linen? Everything You Need to Know About Linen Fabrics

Herringbone Border Linen Napkins

13 Napkins That Will Make a Statement On Any Dinner Table (6)

(Video) Easy Fall Napkin Folds

Add a personal touch to your table with these monogrammed napkins. Woven from ultra-soft linen, the neutral base is accentuated with a herringbone border. Choose from five colors: kelly green, navy, pink, light blue, or white. Pair that with the embroidered monogram of your choice, be it single or multiple initials, for an unexpected take on the table staple. We also love these as a thoughtful and personalized hostess gift.

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BrightBeige Flour Sack Cloth Napkins

13 Napkins That Will Make a Statement On Any Dinner Table (7)

Etsy is one of our go-to destinations for fun, unique, handmade takes on all kinds of things—napkins included. There’s no shortage of finds to choose from (search ‘cloth napkins’ and settle in for some serious browsing), but we’re partial to these.

True to the name, they’re made of natural flour sack cotton and printed by hand in an array of different colored stripes. They’re super absorbent, durable, and machine washable, though it’s worth mentioning that they’re smaller than standard dining napkins, only 12 x 12 inches. Due to the handcrafted nature, each one might be slightly different, but hey, that’s part of the beauty of owning handmade wares.

Blue + Weil Saratoga Napkins

13 Napkins That Will Make a Statement On Any Dinner Table (8)

Whether for fashion or home accessories (don’t miss their adorable beach wraps and caftans), this is one of our favorite brands for feminine and perfectly preppy prints.

As far as table décor goes, these hand block printed napkins from Jaipur India from local artisans add a bright dose of color to your table. They're great for casual dinners on the patio or you can dress them up for more formal affairs. What we love best about printed napkins is that they are little more forgiving when stains happen.

Sferra Farrell Napkins

13 Napkins That Will Make a Statement On Any Dinner Table (9)

(Video) Things That Would Change the Atmosphere at a Dinner Party 🥘 😬 Mock the Week - BBC

Italian-based Sferra is a go-to for high-end home textiles, and dining napkins are no exception. If you’re ready to splurge, pick up this set. Woven from the brand’s best-selling Lithuanian, Festival linen, a plain weave gets an unexpected twist thanks to a contrasting one-inch border.

Fans of neutral tones should go for the grey/oyster combo, while those looking to add some whimsical color to their table can choose from a vibrant berry, emerald, or teal hue, all surrounded by the same oyster border. A frayed hem makes for the perfect finishing detail.

Bolé Road Textiles Amaro Napkin Mist

13 Napkins That Will Make a Statement On Any Dinner Table (10)

Hand-woven from 100 percent Ethiopian cotton, this pick is ideal for anyone seeking a more durable, everyday option. Machine washable and ultra-absorbent, their functionality doesn’t comprise the style. A partial checkered pattern in cream, blue, gray, and charcoal tones is subtle enough to be set against a patterned plate or placemat, yet enough of a statement to pop against solids as well. And if for some reason they aren’t quite what you hoped for, we also appreciate that the brand offers both free shipping and free returns.

Anthropologie Yanni Napkins

13 Napkins That Will Make a Statement On Any Dinner Table (11)

Fold and unfold these cotton napkins any which way you choose. Depending on how you do so, you’ll showcase varying parts of the bold, color-blocked, and striped pattern. Set the table with them all folded and facing the same way, or mix and match to keep things interesting (yet still cohesive). Plus, choose the darker, moodier color palette for a more dramatic setting or the soft blush pink which is perfect for everyday use.

Kesslyr Dean Arch Block Print Napkin

13 Napkins That Will Make a Statement On Any Dinner Table (12)

Did you know that Verishop can be a good source for all kinds of household finds? Case in point: These unique napkins that feature a mustard hue and abstract white print. Hand-made and printed in India using plant-based dyes, the 18-inch by 18-inch napkins are made of a linen-cotton blend. Plus, unlike many other options out there, you can get them in a set of two rather than four—ideal if you’re not constantly throwing big dinner parties but do want to upgrade from the disposable paper napkins you’ve been relying on.

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Linoto Linen Dinner Napkin

13 Napkins That Will Make a Statement On Any Dinner Table (13)

Haven’t been able to find exactly the right color napkin? We’re willing to bet this brand has what you need; their standard linen napkin comes in, wait for it, 16 different shades. (This includes four versions of white-cream-beige alone.) On the opposite end of the rainbow is a royal purple, vibrant teal, sunny yellow—you get the picture. No matter which hue you choose, they’re all soft, absorbent, and stain-resistant. Also nice: The interior label loop can pull double duty as a napkin ring when the napkin is folded.

West Elm Bark Textured Jacquard Napkins

13 Napkins That Will Make a Statement On Any Dinner Table (14)

If bold patterns or colors aren’t quite up your alley, consider mixing up your table settings by playing with texture. Exhibit A, these jacquard napkins boasting a subtle rippled pattern accentuated by a rich texture that plays off dark and light layers. The colors are neutral, but there are hints of metallic thread woven in throughout. The end result is a hint of sheen, making these perfect for festive occasions or a dressed-up date night at home. (Just keep in mind that they can only be spot cleaned, so make sure Uncle Frank doesn’t use it to sop up any Thanksgiving gravy spills.)

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Why table napkin is important in a table setup? ›

The function of table napkins is very simple – they are meant to wipe food and drink from the mouth, and they also can be used as a protection for clothing while eating.

What are the types of napkins? ›

Disposable napkins usually come in 1-ply, 2-ply, or 3-ply, and the higher the ply-count, the more absorbent and high-quality they are. While 1-ply paper napkins might be more affordable, you will miss out on the soft, absorbent qualities of 2-ply or 3-ply napkins.

What are the 7 types of folds? ›

  • Pipe Fold.
  • Zigzag Fold.
  • Spiral Folds.
  • Half-Lock Folds.
  • Diaper Folds.
  • Drop Folds.
  • Inert Folds.
4 May 2015

What are the 4 types of fold? ›

A symmetrical fold is one in which the axial plane is vertical. An asymmetrical fold is one in which the axial plane is inclined. An overturned fold, or overfold, has the axial plane inclined to such an extent that the strata on one limb are overturned. A recumbent fold has an essentially horizontal axial plane.

What is the most important in table setting? ›

An immaculately set table demonstrates uniformity and consistency of the eating establishment. More importantly, it showcases that cleanliness and hygiene are utmost priority. Table settings must be complete; having all the necessary tableware, centerpieces, napkins and condiments.

Why do we use napkin? ›

A napkin, serviette or face towelette is a square of cloth or paper tissue used at the table for wiping the mouth and fingers while eating. It is usually small and folded, sometimes in intricate designs and shapes.

What is the meaning table napkin? ›

(ˈnæpkɪn ) noun. 1. Also called: table napkin. a usually square piece of cloth or paper used while eating to protect the clothes, wipe the mouth, etc; serviette.

How big is a dinner napkin? ›

An informal dinner napkin, the kind you'd have at your home as a sort of “everyday” napkin is typically 18 to 20 inches square.

What material is used for napkin? ›

Elegant napkins and tablecloths are often made with fine linen. More casual napkins can be made with broadcloth and other cotton or polyester materials like poplin, gabardine, gauze, oxford cloth, and osnaburg. If you want a printed fabric, quilting cottons and gingham checks are great for napkins.

What are the best napkins made of? ›

Note: It's best to use 100% cotton or linen as they will be most absorbent, but a blend with at least 80% natural fiber will work too and will require less ironing.

What are the 5 types of table setting? ›

What are the 5 types of table setting? The five most common table settings are formal, informal, Basic, Buffet and five-course.

What is folding for Class 7? ›

Explanation: Folding is a result of the force of compression when two lithospheric plates collide during a convergent plate movement. This causes the lifting and folding of the rock layers on the Earth's crust leading to the formation of fold mountains.

What are the 3 main types of folding? ›

There are three basic types of folds (1) anticlines, (2) synclines and (3) monoclines.

What is a zig-zag fold called? ›

Z-fold (Concertina)

A concertina folded leaflet (also known as zig-zag folding or z-fold) looks a lot like an accordion, especially when it has more than 6 pages and depending on its size it can have up to twelve pages.

What is simple fold? ›

A simple fold is then a rotation of a folded region in a flat fold- ing about a fold axis back into the plane to form a new flat folding.

What is the most important thing when you clear a table? ›

Remove serving platters first, then plates, and then silverware. In general, clear the largest items from the table first, and work your way down to the smallest items.

Where does the most important person sit at the table? ›

The host sits at the head of the table with the guest of honor (or most important guest) to his or her right. The second most important guest sits to the left of the host. In a formal lunch or dinner setting, name cards are provided for all guests and it is never appropriate to switch assigned seats.

Where do you put napkin after dinner? ›

Gently blot or pat your lips — never wipe. It's best to always blot your mouth before taking a drink, too. After the meal: Once everyone has finished eating and the meal has ended, place your napkin to the left of your plate.

What can you do with a napkin? ›

25 inventive ways to use a dinner napkin
  • I wrap my bread with them. ...
  • I use them to cover leftovers in the fridge.
  • As a way to cover food in the microwave to avoid splatters.
  • I wrap presents in them. ...
  • I use them instead of tissue, and my nose never gets red or sore.
  • They also make wonderful tea towels.
29 Nov 2012

What is an example of a table napkin etiquette? ›

Your napkin should remain on your lap during the meal. If you need to leave the table temporarily, place your napkin in your chair and push your chair back under the table - this signals to the wait staff that you will be returning to the table. When you return to your seat, return the napkin to your lap.

What is another word for napkin? ›

What is another word for napkin?
moist towelettepaper towel
table linentable napkin
10 more rows

What are the other terms used for napkin? ›

synonyms for napkin
  • cloth.
  • towel.
  • doily.
  • serviette.
  • wipe.
  • moist towelette.

What is small size napkin called? ›

Shape and Size

Unlike dinner napkins, cocktail napkins are very small and typically measure 5” x 5” inches.

What is best napkin size? ›

The normal and most popular napkin size is approx. 45 × 45 cm. It is suitable for high demands in everyday life and will do justice to any kind of occasion. The usually somewhat cheaper and less demanding alternative are cloth napkins measuring 40 x 40 cm and smaller.

How many cloth napkins do I need? ›

If you're the sort of person, who likes to use a fresh, clean napkin every day to avoid germs, getting seven cloth napkins per person, if you do laundry once a week, might be a better number for you. Your fabric napkins should last a very long time if you treat them right. This should save you money in the long run!

What type of paper is a napkin? ›

Table napkins. Table napkins can be made of tissue paper. These are made from one up to four plies and in a variety of qualities, sizes, folds, colours and patterns depending on intended use and prevailing fashions. The composition of raw materials varies a lot from deinked to chemical pulp depending on quality.

What are the tools to make a table napkin? ›

You Will Need
  • 12 squares of matching fabric, about 45 x 45 cm (18 by 18 inches) for a regular napkin, 35 x 35 cm (14 by 14 inches) for a child-size napkin, pre-washed and pressed.
  • Matching thread.
  • A sewing machine.
  • Pins.
  • Scissors.
  • A chopstick.
  • An iron.
1 Feb 2012

How many types of paper napkins are there? ›

There are seven types: cocktail napkins (25×25), lunch napkins (33×33), dinner napkins (40×40), bistro napkins (40×40), silverware napkins (40×40), snack napkins (33×33) and rondo napkins (32×32). Lunch napkins are the most widely produced and used type of tissue napkin and a lunch napkin is 30 GSM.

Which is better cloth or paper napkins? ›

One of the biggest advantages that reusable napkins have over paper napkins is sustainability. Not only do they have longer lifespans (and more usage per item) than paper, but they are also more effective to use.

What is the best color for table napkin? ›

napkin color and design

Napkins at a formal meal should match the color of the tablecloth (generally ivoy or white).

How do you make a dinner table look nice? ›

How To Set a Stunning Table
  1. 01 of 27. Splurge On Linens. ...
  2. 02 of 27. Mix Traditional & Modern. ...
  3. 03 of 27. Pair Cool Colors with Silver. ...
  4. 04 of 27. Mix China Patterns. ...
  5. 05 of 27. Choose a Limited Palette. ...
  6. 06 of 27. Layer China and Glass. ...
  7. 07 of 27. Mix Simple and Ornate. ...
  8. 08 of 27. Balance an Elaborate Centerpiece with Basic China.
10 Mar 2017

Who should be served first in dining table? ›

Standard fine dining restaurant etiquette calls for women to be served first, then men, all in clockwise fashion, for every stage of service during the meal.

How do you decorate a dinner table like a professional? ›

Tips for Decorating Your Dining Table Like a Pro
  1. centerpiece ideas beyond flowers. ​potted plants. mass candles. fresh cut herbs. ...
  2. Fun Details to Add. favors at place settings. a piece of fruit. name tags. ...
  3. Table Design Elements to Try. mixing and matching. creating movement down the table. utilizing different textures and materials.
20 Aug 2015

What are the 3 types of dishes used to set the table? ›

The Elements of a Table Setting
  • Serving Plates, Bread and Butter Plates, and Salad Plates.
  • Glassware – Goblets and Beverage Glasses.
  • Flatware – Knives, Forks, and Spoons.
  • Linens.

How do you set a table for 2022? ›

Informal Table Setting
  1. Place the placemats on the table, if you're using them.
  2. Fold a napkin and set it where the dinner plate would go, in the center of the placemat.
  3. To the left of the napkin, set a dinner fork. ...
  4. Over to the right side of the napkin, set the dinner knife with the blade facing inward. ...
  5. Next come spoons.
1 Feb 2022

What are the napkin folding? ›

Napkin folding is a type of decorative folding done with a napkin. It can be done as art or as a hobby. Napkin folding is most commonly encountered as a table decoration in fancy restaurants. Typically, and for best results, a clean, pressed, and starched square cloth (linen or cotton) napkin is used.

What are the types of fold? ›

A) Types of folds

There are three basic types of folds (1) anticlines, (2) synclines and (3) monoclines.

What are the main types of fold? ›

There are three main types of folds: anticlines, synclines, and monoclines.

What is table napkin meaning? ›

(ˈnæpkɪn ) noun. 1. Also called: table napkin. a usually square piece of cloth or paper used while eating to protect the clothes, wipe the mouth, etc; serviette.

Why is it called napkin? ›

The term 'napkin' dates from the 14th century, in the sense of a piece of cloth or paper used at mealtimes to wipe the lips or fingers and to protect clothing. The word derives from the Late Middle English nappekin, from Old French nappe (tablecloth, from Latin mappa), with the suffix -kin.

What is the importance of napkin folding and table skirting? ›

A well-folded and well-placed napkin on the plate grabs the attention of the guests. Table skirt is used on table to make it look complete and beautiful in home, hotels and restaurants on normal days and also during special occasions.

What are the basics everyone should know about proper napkin use? ›

To recap, Whitmore suggests:

Unfold your napkin, just above your lap, underneath the table. Don't blot lipstick on a cloth napkin or use it as a handkerchief. Don't place your cloth or paper napkin on your plate after eating. Don't place your napkin back on the table while others are still eating.

What is an open fold? ›

An open fold is a broad feature in which the limbs dip at a gentle angle away from the crest of the fold. Isoclinal folds have undergone greater stress that has compressed the limbs of the folds tightly together.

What are the characteristics of fold mountains for Class 6? ›

Most fold mountains are composed primarily of sedimentary rock and metamorphic rock formed under high pressure and relatively low temperatures. Many fold mountains are also formed where an underlying layer of ductile minerals, such as salt, is present. Fold mountains are the most common type of mountain in the world.

What type of fold has rocks folding up in the middle? ›

An anticline is a fold that arches upward. The rocks dip away from the center of the fold (Figure below). The oldest rocks are found at the center of an anticline. The youngest rocks are draped over them at the top of the structure.

What is the top or crest of a rock fold called? ›

The hinge of an anticline refers to the location where the curvature is greatest, also called the crest. The hinge is also the highest point on a stratum along the top of the fold. The culmination also refers to the highest point along any geologic structure.


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