14 Free Gloves Sewing Patterns To Keep Your Mitts Warm (2022)

Whether you are planning a trip to the slopes, or the weather is just reaching that time of year where layers are essential, gloves are something that everyone needs. The problem is, they often go missing, or don’t quite fit right, and can also be expensive. This is why we have compiled a list of the best gloves sewing patterns. There is plenty of variety and something for all skill sets. It doesn’t matter if you are a novice, or have made gloves before, this list puts all the best patterns in one place.

Handmade Mittens

14 Free Gloves Sewing Patterns To Keep Your Mitts Warm (1)

Because they don’t take much more than an hour, it is possible to create these easy mittens in the evening, with time to spare to make more.

Using a handful of fabrics and materials, this is made to size using your hand to check the ideal fit of the pattern.

This makes them more comfortable and the step-by-step instructions are easy to follow thanks to the large images. You can even add a little personalization and stitch a name into the fabric should you want to.

More at: You Made My Day

Fingerless Fleece Mittens

14 Free Gloves Sewing Patterns To Keep Your Mitts Warm (2)

These fingerless mittens are ideal for when you need to type a message and the flap can easily be pulled over to give you full protection from the cold once again.

Using stretch fleece, they are both cozy and comfortable and the best thing is, this pattern also comes with an instructional video.

This means it is easy to follow and for a beginner to go at their own pace.

More at: Melly Sews

Free Warm Mittens

14 Free Gloves Sewing Patterns To Keep Your Mitts Warm (3)

These lined mittens have the benefit of using dual materials to ensure they are always warm.


There are tips for how to add the inner lining to the outer and make for a seamless transition that is both super comfortable, and one of the warmer options.

The wrist flap area adds some nice texture and a contrasting color to the otherwise simple design that doesn’t take long to make.

More at: Happiest Camper

Easy Gloves Pattern

14 Free Gloves Sewing Patterns To Keep Your Mitts Warm (4)

Fleece gloves are always going to be popular since it is a well-insulated fabric yet feels soft to touch. Thankfully, it is also pretty easy to work with so this is a good fabric for a beginner to get to grips with.

There are different size options with small being suitable for children and any man or woman with smaller hands, and medium and large as well.

You only need approximately 1/4 to 1/2 yard of polar fleece to get going and the free gloves sewing pattern can be downloaded via pdf.

More at: So Sew Easy

Simple Gloves

14 Free Gloves Sewing Patterns To Keep Your Mitts Warm (5)

This pattern looks a little different because of the shape but it is actually one of the easiest gloves sewing patterns available.

This makes it a perfect project for anyone who is unsure about sewing gloves and as soon as you have finished the trimming you will realize just how great they look.

For a little effort, this feels like a high reward project so gets your mitts on this pattern and try it on for size.

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Contrast Fingerless Gloves

14 Free Gloves Sewing Patterns To Keep Your Mitts Warm (6)

(Video) Easy Double Oven Mitt! FREE Pattern & Tutorial

Because this uses different colors, it allows you to get creative. Add some much-needed color to a winter wardrobe and use vibrant shades.

They are best described as wrist warmers since they provide plenty of coverage whilst allowing you to grab hold of your shopping bags or text in comfort.

They only take around 30 minutes to make and even a novice will find this is a great project for developing their skills.

More at: Sew Crafty Me

DIY Gloves

14 Free Gloves Sewing Patterns To Keep Your Mitts Warm (7)

Not so much of a gloves sewing pattern as tracing your hands and making the ideal fit, this is a great project for a novice as it is super easy to make.

terials used can be found at the back of the wardrobe if there are any old tees or spandex-type materials to hand, then these are ideal.

There are tips for finding the right fabric, and large images to make each step as simple as possible. The great part is that you can get creative and use a variety of patterns and fabrics for this quick and easy project.

More at: I Am Sew Crazy

Easy Mitten Making

14 Free Gloves Sewing Patterns To Keep Your Mitts Warm (8)

Using wool or another insulated and comfortable fabric, these lovely mittens have that timeless look and would give plenty of warmth when tucked into a long sleeve jumper or coat.

The pattern itself is downloadable and when using a reliable sewing machine, it shouldn’t take long to finish.

There are only 6 steps to follow and examples of how to add some flair to each piece, including some personalization.

More at: Made By Barb

How To Sew A Glove

(Video) Double-Handed Oven Mitt

14 Free Gloves Sewing Patterns To Keep Your Mitts Warm (9)

The wikiHow guides are notoriously simple and ideal for a project such as making gloves. This is a particularly useful tutorial and shows how it can be done in just 12 steps.

It all starts with tracing your hand to make your own pattern and the short video stages help to ensure mistakes are near impossible.

This ensures that even a complete notice can have a go at making gloves although anyone with some experience will also find this to be a useful tutorial.

More at: Wiki How

Fab Fingerless Gloves

14 Free Gloves Sewing Patterns To Keep Your Mitts Warm (10)

These fun and fluffy gloves are ideal for when you need to fight the cold but know you are going to need to be able to text and scroll.

The tutorial is easy to follow and there aren’t many steps to master and it shows you how to go from traced hand for the perfect size, to use this template on the fabric.

You can even add applique shapes. The example uses two sides of the same arrow for each glove which shows what can be done to make these gloves stand out a little.

More at: Patchwork Posse

Simple Sweater Mittens

14 Free Gloves Sewing Patterns To Keep Your Mitts Warm (11)

We are all for repurposing and upcycling old garments, so if you have an old sweater you no longer love, his is a great way of turning it into something useful.

The good news is that there will be plenty of material left over so you can match matching mittens for the family.

It starts with tracing the hand of the wearer and going from there and because the steps are made easy, it won’t take long.

More at: Live About

(Video) DIY How to make oven mitts / Oven Glove / free pattern / sewing tutorial [Tendersmile Handmade]

Fleece Mittens

14 Free Gloves Sewing Patterns To Keep Your Mitts Warm (12)

Few materials are better for making glove sewing patterns than fleece. Pretty much any design on this list could be made from fleece and it would be great.

These come with an adjustable velcro strap to keep the cold out and ensure they don’t fall off – something particularly useful when making them for young ones.

They can be made from scrap fleece because there isn’t a lot of material needed and even if you are making more than one pair, you should be able to get them done in an evening.

More at: Make It Love It

Fingerless Gloves Pattern

14 Free Gloves Sewing Patterns To Keep Your Mitts Warm (13)

This gloves sewing pattern is available in both kid’s and adult sizes so no one has to miss out. They look great and fit perfectly for most hands.

There are plenty of ways they can be made and because there is a video tutorial, things are pretty easy.

To make them more comfortable, it is possible to adjust the seam allowance so there is more or less give.

No matter what, these are gloves that are great for a novice to make and shouldn’t take long.

More at: Fleece Fun

Baby Mittens

14 Free Gloves Sewing Patterns To Keep Your Mitts Warm (14)

Every baby needs their own mittens and no matter what season it is, it can be purely to stop them from scratching their delicate skin.

(Video) DIY craft: Forearm Protection "oven mitts" with Insul-Bright heat resistant- "Long arm oven mitts"

Using a stretch fabric and some elastic, they are easy to make and of course, use barely any material at all. The pattern is free, easy to follow, and rewarding.

These would make a considerate gift for a new parent to give to their young one and because there are plenty of images, and simple instructions, it is one of the best baby mitten sewing patterns available.

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How do you make mitten patterns? ›

Cut out all three pieces. Lay out the faux fur with the wrong side up flip over the pattern pieces

How do you make fleece mittens? ›

For this project you will need the following. You will need 1/3 of a yard of fleece for the mittens

How do you sew on gloves? ›

It's most likely at the side of your thumb. And tip of your index finger. Once you've taken note put

Are gloves hard to sew? ›

Gloves might seem like a tricky thing to sew, but the process is actually very easy! Start by making a glove pattern so that the gloves will fit your hands perfectly. Then, trace the pattern onto the fabric of your choice and sew along the lines. Cut off the excess fabric and hem your gloves to finish them off.


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