Fire retardant fabric fibres: inside polyester (2022)

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Different kinds of cookies are used on the FR-One website:

  • Necessary cookies - needed for enabling certain controls on the website
  • Functional cookies - used for making the usage of the website more pleasant and personalized
  • Performance cookies - gathering information about the usage and behaviour by visitors
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Version of 14/05/2018

BRU TEXTILES uses cookies on this website. As we want to guarantee your privacy and improve the user-friendliness of your visit(s) to our website, we think it is important that you know how and why we use cookies. Below we try to provide you with all the necessary information about our use of cookies.

This cookie statement is issued by BRU TEXTILES nv, with registered office at 2550 Kontich, Satenrozen 2a and company number 0453.835.284.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small, simple text files that your computer or mobile device stores when you use our website.

What personal data do we collect with cookies?

The personal data collected by cookies is limited to online connection data, in particular your IP address, your browsing behaviour on the website and the type of browser and device you use. If you have a profile on the website, this information will be linked to your profile; if you do not have a profile on the website, we will not identify you.

What type of cookies do we use and why?

Functional or necessary Cookies

Functional or necessary cookies help the BRU TEXTILES website to function properly. For example:

  • The products you add to your wish list are remembered and stored;
  • Notification of an incomplete order, so that you do not lose your products in the shopping cart;
  • Your browser settings are saved so that you can view our website on your screen under the best possible conditions;
  • The ability to save your login data so you do not have to re-enter them every time;
  • The ability to respond to messages on our website;
  • An even load on the website, so that it remains functional and accessible;
  • The detection of possible abuse or problems on our website, for example by registering successive failed login attempts.

The functional cookie that BRU TEXTILES uses on the FR-one website is Google Tag Manager.

Analytical cookies

We use analytical cookies to measure and analyse our website. These statistics give us insight into, among other things, how often we are visited, and in what areas we can improve our website. In this way, we ensure that the experience with our website is continually improved. For example:

  • Tracking the number of visitors to our website;
  • The pages that are visited;
  • Measuring the duration of each visit;
  • Determining the order in which a visitor visits the different pages of our website.

The analytical cookies that BRU TEXTILES uses on the FR-one website are Google Analytics, Hotjar, Facebook Analytics and GA Audiences.

Social media cookies

Social media cookies are introduced by social media itself. When you click on a social media link on our website, a social media cookie is introduced. The social media party can recognise your IP address when you want to share a page of our website. For the cookies that the social media parties introduce and the data that they collect with them, we refer to the statements that these parties provide on their own websites about this.

The social media cookie found on the FR-one website is Facebook Connect.

Advertising Cookies

Our website contains promotions and advertisements from ourselves and third parties. You may also find our advertisements on third-party websites. In order to keep these promotions and advertisements relevant, we use cookies. The advertising cookies allow us:

  • to track which ads you have already seen;
  • to track how many times you have seen an advertisement;
  • We can prevent you from seeing the same ad over and over again;
  • We can track whether you click on the ads;
  • We can track whether you place orders after you have seen or clicked on an advertisement;
  • We can combine your online surfing, searching, and buying behaviour no matter which device you use;
  • By combining these features, we can identify your advertising interest and tailor the ads we show you in our website and on third-party websites accordingly.

The advertising cookies that BRU TEXTILES uses on the FR-one website are Facebook Pixel, Doubleclick and Facebook Custom Audience.

With whom do we share your personal data?

Personal data that we collect with our own cookies are not shared with third parties. However, there are also cookies from third parties (e.g. from advertising networks and media agencies) on our website with which these third parties also collect personal data from you and in which we as BRU TEXTILES do not intervene.

For the cookies that these third parties introduce for advertising purposes, please refer to the privacy and cookie statements on these third parties' websites. Since the statements may change from time to time, we encourage you to review these privacy and cookie statements on a regular basis. The following parties place cookies on our website:

How long do cookies remain stored?

How long we store a cookie depends on the type of cookie. Some cookies are deleted when you close a session / your browser, others remain stored so that they can be picked up at a subsequent session or can continue to operate between sessions. They will only be deleted when you do so through your browser settings, when they are replaced or when their expiry date is reached.

How can you delete cookies?

If you do not want websites to be able to store cookies on your computer, please adjust your browser settings. You will then receive a warning before cookies are placed. You can also adjust your settings so that your browser rejects all cookies or only the cookies of third parties. You can delete cookies that have already been placed. Please note that you will need to adjust the settings separately for each browser, device and computer you use. We would like to point out that if you do not wish to use cookies, we cannot guarantee that our website will work properly. It is possible that some functions of the website will be lost or that you may not even be able to see certain pages at all. In addition, the refusal of cookies does not mean that you will no longer see any advertisements. Advertisements are no longer adapted to your interests and are repeated more often. How to adjust your settings varies from browser to browser.

If you wish to disable cookies from specific parties, you can do so via

Delete cookies from Microsoft Edge:

Click on the Menu icon (3-line icon) in the top right corner. Click on the icon of the clock, this is the 'History' tab. Click 'Delete all history'. Now you can specify exactly what you want to delete. Please tick 'Cookies and saved website data' and click 'Delete'. At the bottom, you can indicate whether you always want to delete this data when closing Microsoft Edge.

Delete cookies in Chrome:

Click on the icon with 3 lines in the top right corner. Click on 'Settings' > 'History' > 'Delete browsing data'. In any case, make sure that 'Delete cookies and other site and plug-in data' is checked. You can also specify how old the cookies should be. Select 'All' here.

Delete cookies in Firefox:

Click on the icon with 3 lines in the top right corner. Go to ‘Options’ > ‘Privacy’. Click 'Delete your recent history'. Under 'Details' you can indicate exactly what you want to delete. Please tick 'Cookies' in any case. You can also specify how old the cookies should be. Select 'All' here.

Delete cookies in Safari:

In the top left corner of the menu bar, click 'Safari' > 'Preferences'. Select the 'Privacy' tab at the top of the window. Then click 'Delete all Website Data'.

Delete cookies in Internet Explorer:

Click on the gear icon in the top right corner. Go to the menu 'Security' > 'Delete browsing history'. Now you can specify exactly what you want to delete. Please tick 'Cookies and website data' in any case. Click on 'Remove' at the bottom of the window.

The BRU TEXTILES iOS and Android app

You can also shop at BRU TEXTILES using the app for iOS or Android. The app is distributed from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and if you choose, you can install it on your device using that route.

In the BRU TEXTILES app, we use techniques similar to cookies for the purposes already mentioned above.

If you have any specific questions, requests or complaints about this,

Then please contact us. This can be done via the contact details in our privacy statement.

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