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Top 537 Dillards Reviews (1)

Lynon of Carterville, IL Verified Reviewer

Original review: Jan. 6, 2023

I recently purchased an item through the online store using my Dillards gift card I got for Christmas. When I received the item, it was too small around the chest and arms, so I decided to get a smaller size. The return label stated I would pay a few for return, which is annoying, but I get it (even though most other online stores don't make their customers pay for return shipping). However, In order to exchange a size that doesn't fit, I now have to pay an extra $25 just to exchange a size... Terrible experience as a customer. This is why I don't buy from Dillards, but I had to because of the gift card. Highly recommend looking elsewhere for your clothing needs. They are too expensive for the quality anyway.

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Nora of Rockwall, TX Verified Reviewer

Original review: Dec. 24, 2022

(Video) Why Dillard's Is Up 14X Since The Start Of The Pandemic

I found a pair of shoes at Dillards Firewheel in Texas. They were on sale 40% off; however didn’t have my size. Person behind counter said she couldn’t help me with online so I did it myself. They weren’t on sale so I called Dillards and they said they would not honor the price at the store for online items. Told me each store has a choice to mark down something. Guess Dillards needed my $40.00 savings more than me their customer. Between the store and online experience, they lost a loy customer. Never going back.

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Top 537 Dillards Reviews (3)

Jeff of Driftwood, TX Verified Reviewer

Original review: Nov. 16, 2022

I purchased a jacket that sat in my closet until it got cold a few weeks after I purchased it. Upon putting it on I noticed it was too small. When I went to exchange they would not take it back because the tags had been removed even though I still had the tags. They would not take it back but if I would’ve purchased this item online and they shipped it to me I could’ve shipped it back And got a refund. Double standards. It’s ridiculous that nowadays when you go into a brick and mortar store but they can’t take care of their customers at least as well as they do on the e-commerce site.

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Top 537 Dillards Reviews (4)

Jean of Tremonton, UT Verified Reviewer

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Original review: Oct. 14, 2022

Me and my 2 adult daughters (special needs) were on vacation and went into Dillards in the Layton Hills Mall. We wanted to be fitted for a good bra. Well, we were helped by the most wonderful and patience customer service rep in the department. Cilem ** was the sweetest and most knowledgeable person I have ever met in a Lingerie Department in any stores, and trust me at my age I have been fitted for bras a few times. Cilem was so sweet with my daughters and made them feel special. I would hire her to work in my business not matter what business it is. There needs to be more customer service representatives like Cilem in ALL companies. Thank you Cilem

Jean **, Misty **, Adrena **

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Top 537 Dillards Reviews (5)

Shelly of Herriman, UT Verified Reviewer

Original review: Oct. 4, 2022

Horrible customer service in every single department. I will never shop there again. Thank gosh for Nordstrom. Honestly, I don't know how they are still in business. I hope they go under! They treat you horribly if you want to make a return. The credit card lowers your limit if you don't use your card regularly which affects your credit. Just don't do it!

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Claire of Olympia Fields, IL Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: April 28, 2022

I purchased a Michael Kors large Mina Handbag and received it on April 25, 22 at a price of $298. However, today, Thursday April 28, 22, the bag is $224. Inquired about a price adjustment and was told you can only get a price adjustment one day after purchase. I have never heard such. I have dealt with many retailers, Macy, Saks Fifth, etc. but ever have encountered situation such as this. Please do your research in pricing before purchasing from Dillard's because they have worst customer service. It's not the adjustment was a few dollars. It is $74 difference which is substantial.

(Video) Dillard's: A Peak 90s Department Store! | Retail Archaeology

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Top 537 Dillards Reviews (7)

Story of Chelan, WA Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: April 19, 2022

I ordered a Penelton jacket thru Dillards for a Christmas gift for my husband. After only 11 wears the zipper gave out when he sat down. This jacket was one that he did not wear regularly and was more of a special occasions jacket so the wear and tear on it was nothing. I went ahead and called Penelton first to see if they would do an exchange on the jacket since it was well past the 30 days for a return thru dillards at this point. Penelton said they could exchange it for another one for the original purchasing person (Dillards) but would not exchange it for us since we were the third party in the transaction. When I contacted Dillards of this information they said they would not take it back even though they would not be out anything. This to me is Extremely poor customer service. If they would have helped us do the exchange, I would continue to be a dillards customer but apparently, they don't care to keep current customers happy.

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Top 537 Dillards Reviews (8)

Erin of Lompoc, CA Verified Reviewer Verified Buyer

Original review: Feb. 21, 2022

I recently purchased a cocktail dress online at Dillards and it was the wrong size. Since it took a while for my purchase to arrive, I decided to purchase the dress again in the right size and return the wrong size separately. It took almost a month for my return to be completed and they also charged me an almost 10 dollar return fee. I called them to see if I could get that waived since I actually purchased the dress in the right size. They told me they were unable to do that for me. With all the online shopping competition out there, I find this policy unbelievable. I am a big online shopper and will be taking my business elsewhere.


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Top 537 Dillards Reviews (9)

Cathy of Kansas City, MO Verified Reviewer

Original review: Feb. 19, 2022

I found out today, after going to Dillards, that I did not receive my new credit card after a 4/21 expiration. The checkout person was able to look up my account and accommodate me. 5 stars to her!!! I then came home and needed to purchase one item online from the sale that was not in stock at the store. NO ONE FROM CREDIT CARD SERVICES could accommodate me with my Dillards credit card purchase. I didn't care what credit card I used, I just wanted to get my Dillards points. Seems pretty simple to me!! All representatives I spoke with were very nice...nothing to do with them. It's just the principle of the matter!! I would like my Dillards points!

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Top 537 Dillards Reviews (10)

fay of La Jolla, CA Verified Reviewer

Original review: Jan. 19, 2022

I purchased a leather jacket. After it arrived, I decided it was too big for me and wanted to exchange it for a medium size. I was told I can return it. But they'll charge me $9.95 return fee. And then another $9.95 for sending me a medium size. I reach out to their customer service which was worthless. They told me I can take it back to one of their stores. Nearest one is over 200 miles away!!!! These stores that charge customer for shipping are ripping off customers by not having paying for rent for stores, and then charging customer for shopping. Never again I will use them!!!

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Is Dillard's a reliable site? ›

Dillard's has a consumer rating of 3.58 stars from 482 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Dillard's ranks 13th among Department Store sites.

What is a pacesetter at Dillard's? ›

I also earned the "Pacesetter Award" which means basically that I did my job and I did it well.

Is Dillard's real? ›

Dillard's, Inc. is an upscale American department store chain with approximately 282 stores in 29 states and headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas.

What is the return policy for shoes at Dillards? ›

Condition: The item must be unworn and unwashed, with tags still attached. Shoes must be returned in their original box. Documentation: You have to bring the original purchase receipt with you to be eligible for a refund. Method: You will be refunded to the original form of payment.

How do I know if an online store is legitimate? ›

8 Ways to Know If Online Stores Are Safe and Legit
  1. Use the free McAfee WebAdvisor to check for safe sites. ...
  2. Check the padlock in the address bar. ...
  3. Verify the website's trust seal. ...
  4. Use the Google Transparency Report. ...
  5. Check the company's social media presence. ...
  6. Analyze the overall look of the website.

Is Dillards or Macy's better? ›

Dillard's's brand is ranked #- in the list of Global Top 1000 Brands, as rated by customers of Dillard's. Their current market cap is $1.41B. Macy's's brand is ranked #254 in the list of Global Top 1000 Brands, as rated by customers of Macy's. Their current market cap is $4.88B.
Dillard's vs Macy's.

How often do you get a raise at Dillards? ›

Flexible schedule, discounts, Dillards offers a yearly $1 raise with no pay cap as long as you meet your sales goal.

How much does a district manager at Dillards make? ›

Total Pay Estimate & Range

The estimated base pay is $63,434 per year.

Do pace setters get paid? ›

Better known as rabbits, pacesetters are paid to lead others to a certain time goal through a certain distance of a race, usually dropping out at a designated point.


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